Global Meditation

“Each one of us is a vibrant, pulsating center of creation.

Every thought, every word, every deed sets energy in motion.”

How do we harness our magnificent creative power to pave a path to healing & wholeness?

Join us the last Sunday of each Month beginning August 30, 2020 12pm (MST)

Guided Spiritual Meditations focused on Peace & Global Healing

“I believe together we have the power to create a world motivated by loving kindness and compassion.”

Join Shey and a gathering of like hearted individuals live online as we bring the power of our collective intention alive for the benefit of all.

Cultivating Unconditional Love for ourselves, our communities and our planet, together we will experience the transformative power of Universal Love and Compassion.

Global Meditation – August 30

Global Meditation with Name Your Price Donation – August 30

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