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When I Think of You …

When I Think of You …

Delighted to be here and happy to be sharing something of my joy, as we embark on this new adventure. I am an artist and would like to begin by introducing you to my art. A living energetic presence, each piece is created with the intention to nourish and inspire. It is through my work as an artist that I reach out to connect with you and with the world around me so let us begin…

First, I will introduce, “When I Think of You…” This painting was inspired by a dear friend of mine. Ever know anyone or maybe you are someone, who has amazing qualities but just can’t see them in themselves? Someone that lights up a room with their smile always has a kind word for another, gives sincerely from their heart, someone who is generous and loving to everyone but themselves. Someone who sees clearly the natural beauty in others but cannot see it in themselves.

Actually there are too many of us like that. This painting is an image of a butterfly with its wings fully spread, taking flight, colors shining. The background is a warm, earthy brown with words in golden ink intended to acknowledge and remind us of our natural, inherent beauty. When my dear friend is feeling down on herself I often suggest she take a moment to sit with her painting, contemplate the words and the image and remember.

Just remember. Connect to the deeper part of yourself, the wisdom self that knows the truth of who we are. The truth of our nature as an endless, divine source of love in the world. Love for others and love for ourselves.

The original painting is acrylic on board 12″ x 16″ and hangs in a special place in her space inviting her to take flight, spread her wings and let her full colors shine!

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